Fortnite is like any other video game, with its players trying to attack its front end enemies with all of the equipment at hand. But the release of the game did not hamper any of the other games that were released with it.

Epic games likely confirmed the news saying that all of the industry was happy with the improvements incorporated into the game, but Take-Two CEO Strauss Zelnick confronted the scene saying that no negative effects were produced in relation to the game.

Fortnite did create a huge market of its own and this made the whole situation less complex as the game flourished with its own dignity. But the business model for other games, in turn, had not created a double effect making the game more likely to succeed in relation to the others. The Fortnite game has various versions into it and therefore, the chance of the industry getting to change the lot is likely decided by the developers itself.

The game serves as a high piece of entertainment and therefore, one might get to know all of its features if the game is played following all the instructions.