The launch of Razer’s new headset has totally created a buzz in the market, as the price is just 50 dollars. Keeping in tune with the affordable price of it, its extraordinary features include-

  • Light weighted
  • More playing options

Designed with super comfort technology, the headphones have been made light owing to the convenience of carrying it anywhere and everywhere. It is super comfortable even if one is wearing it all day long. Owing to the adjustable cushions and its foamed headband, the headset is really a deal that must not be missed within this price range.

The frequency response of the headset is between 12 HZ and 28HZ. This is considered to be one of the best gaming headsets as well, as one likely feels the dual sound effects in it with full force. The quality can’t be any better with the suitability of inner caps, good cable lengths, and even oval cushions.

Even for better speaking options, a microphone is attached to it with dual audio features. This headset is available on all of the online shopping websites for just 50 dollars. There are two colors available with deep accents.