Ever heard a banana instigating an individual to kill someone? Well, that is what My Friend Pedro is all about. This game is a 2D version that makes the players more sort of a villain.

What the game earns is likely a mass murder and that too just in the single talk of a banana. The guys are all out there killing, murdering innocents.  But there is someone to rescue as well.

Since the game takes its twists and turns at the most unusual places, the players fail to notice the changes and this makes them vulnerable to the whole plot.

What the players love about this game is the sheer amount of vividness with which the events move forward. The game also speaks of the negative sides of friendship and entrusts the players to carefully watch out every step so that the game can be strategically played.

One can even control the actions individually by letting go of the threats. The gangster, however, is likely to make issues harder and therefore, the game can create a fuss on a whole new level.

The game is altogether much entertaining with its overwhelming plot.