Backing the releases of other games in the history of releases, StarCraft 2 is yet not to be released as most of the sources confirmed.

Blizzard has actually failed in the listing of the game and this has likely created a mess out of the whole situation.

Although the project was being developed with full enthusiasm, the game lovers might still have to wait for some more time to see the trailer of this game.

Although the earlier version created a buzz on a whole new level, this time it is all silent with the players not able to enjoy the battle between the zergs.

Since multiple projects needed to be outshined, the game could not be released this year and this has been confirmed with most of the closest sources of the game.

Although the game might receive double the publicity if released, later on, the amount of effort is likely to double as well.

But owing to other releases on the front, the development of the game can change as well, as the developers are likely thinking of making the gameplay for attractive for the players so that the accretions are better confirmed.