With upcoming rumors of the latest video game in the market, there has been immense talking of Blizzard trying to bring in a sequel to the game overwatch.

Named overwatch 2, the game would have an extraordinary interface with other additional features as well. But nothing has been confirmed about the same, said a spokesperson.

The development team are also trying to hide the facts from the public eye and even if such a game is about to be released, 2019 is likely the year for that.

According to the sources who tried to get the news of the release of the second version of the game, there would be various modes introduced as well, leaving the players with ample opportunities to settle the game from all directions. Along with emphasizing the root factors, the project might turn out to be an overwhelming one once the release date is all set.

Likely keeping in tune with the shooter technique, the game might also be a random action thriller game with the players seeking to bring out the best under a single umbrella. Let the new version migrate with options that would make the players speechless.